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Review 2: What goes around

One night stands. Friends with benefits.

These are the kind of relationships which usually start out with zero commitment and no emotional attachment and almost slowly the tables turn. By the end, these relationships either become the sappy love stories we fantasize over; or the Devdas stories, desperate in search for a happier ending.

Freya and Coop's relationship, since it is in the undefined territories of the relationship zone; their expectations from each other are quite vague and confusing. They share something that has more mood swings than a heavily pregnant lady: one minute they are happy, in each others arms and the next they are at each others throats.

At this stage, there are too many secrets between the two, though their guards are down, they both are still reluctant to share their pasts. In a way, they both are just using lust as an excuse to be around each other. But the reader can sense something more between them.

Other than failed jokes and the amusement from their cheesy moments Sharukh Khan moments, the book is pretty intense at this stage,with tensions rising between the two.