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Freya's sadness seems completely justified at the beginning. The only thing she ever really focused on excelling at, her career, had now been taken away from her, rather unfairly so. The person whom she was madly in love with, had hurt her with his brutal words at her sexual inexperience. It was almost heartbreaking to know that for Freya, it was really the end of everything in her life she really cared about.
Though I feel for Freya, her desperation to still want to please this man is just beyond my understanding. Throughout the 1st half of the book, you will see Freya's sense of loss and hurt, but as readers, we never really get an insight into any buried anger inside her. Anger at the injustice in her workplace. Anger at the man who betrayed her trust.
It is frustrating to know that not only does Freya not stand up for herself when she is being walked all over, but also she is still ready to let in that man who has crumbled her self confidence to dust.
Through Coop's eyes, we are able to capture the observer view of Freya's character- lacking self respect and confidence. But that is not all that is there; her naivety and ignorance of her surroundings is the reason why she is so open to exploitation.



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