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I almost thought there would be no villain in this book, apart from the two characters obliviousness to each others' feelings. But Alas! Here comes our villain.

Simon, A co-worker from Freya's old workplace, is out for revenge against Freya.

And yes, You would be right to assume that he is Freya's old flame. Cliche much. *Rolls her eyes*

But you know, the villains are the best characters in books! They make the plot much more interesting and makes it much more worthwhile reading. Plus, we have bonus action scene, where our hero Coop, can show off his amazing self learned martial arts skills.

I know, only happens in books. *sighs*

But getting back to the plot, Simon's entry spikes up Freya's insecurities and Coop's protectiveness over her. So Freya and Coop get closer, emotionally and well, physically.
Is it just me or the room got hotter? :P

Coop opens up to Freya about the death of his son, Milo and the mental illness of his ex-wife that ultimately killed Milo. *picks up a tissue, wipes tears and blows her nose*

The book ends on a happy note, all rainbows and sunshines. Freya and Coop are madly in love, Simon's just mad and in jail; and things seem to work out after a very long time,in the book.
At last!

Though it was a Cliche book, I loved the way the book was written. To be able to feel Coop's frustrations and Freya's pain, the book was very expressive in the description of its characters and their emotions.



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